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My research into period and primary sources over the last decade or so has not yet turned up any concealment narratives for Buffalo. Many African-Americans who escaped from slavery found enough safety and opportunity in Buffalo to live openly, hold jobs, and own property without having to be concealed or flee to Canada.

It appears that there just weren't many hiding places here. Examples include: Keep in mind that New York State abolished slavery in 1827, which resulted an environment of relative freedom and safety.

Activities could include recruiting volunteers, raising money, and organizing rescues or protests.

Structures associated with abolitionists or abolitionism in general, other than hosting fugitives or organizing activities on their behalf.

Everyone longs to claim the moral high ground for a favorite old building.

An important reminder to teachers, students, historians, webmasters, bloggers, authors, journalists, etc.

This website is the result of years of painstaking original research, reveals discoveries that are mine alone, and is fully protected by copyright.

At the risk of oversimplification, I decided to sort potential Underground Railroad sites into three categories. This scheme was developed and added to this page in April 2013.

Structures used by individuals and groups to organize assistance or activities on behalf of fugitives escaping from slavery.

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