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Beauvoir researched and wrote the book in about 14 months.

She published it in two volumes and some chapters first appeared in Les Temps moderns.

Their mother, Francoise, a banker's daughter who had never lived without servants, did all the housework and sewing for the family.

Her pious martyrdom indelibly impressed Simone, who would improve upon Virginia Woolf's famous advice and move to a room of her own — in a hotel, with maid service.

They have been translating books and articles on social science, art, and feminist literature for many years and have jointly authored numerous books in English and in French on subjects ranging from grammar to politics to American cooking. R file SCCOTld S6X TRANSLATED BY CONSTANCE BORDE AND SHIILA M A LOVAN v-C H E VAl II E R With an Introduction b\ Judith Thurman iljljlgi VIKTACt loot) fi Vfl a division or kancom hovx. (The queens, as Beauvoir remarks, "were neither male nor female: they were sovereigns.") Opportunities for women have proliferated so broadly in the past six decades, at least in the Western world, that the distance between 20, when The Second Sex was published in France, seems like an eternity (until, that is, one opens a newspaper — the victims of misogyny and sexual abuse are still with us, everywhere).

iki 3 FIRST VINTAGE BOOKS EDITION, MAY 201 1 Le deuxieme sexe copyright © 1949 by Editions Gallimard, Paris Translation copyright © 2009 by Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier Introduction copyright © 2010 by Judith Thurman All rights reserved. This translation originally published in hardcover in slightly different form in Great Britain by Jonathan Cape, The Random House Group Ltd., London, in 2009, and subsequently published in hardcover in the United States by Alfred A. While no one individual or her work is responsible for that seismic shift in laws and attitudes, the millions of young women who now confidently assume that their entitlement to work, pleasure, and autonomy is equal to that of their brothers owe a measure of their freedom to Beauvoir.

It serves us to restore or to build what has been denied to women as being, as much as to groups in parallel relegation as Jew, Homosexual, Negroes and others: identity and recognition based in what they are (Dasein) and not what they appear to standard viewpoints.

I hold it in great esteem and recommend its reading, not to change one's mind but to start accepting or respecting the "otherness", which We are in spite of constant denial.

Jairo Lara This book isn't just one book about the rights of women in defining themselves according to criteria they make but also gets to be a useful insight about how irresponsible it is to think there's still something we may call "manliness" with no proof or argument to sustain such position toward women (even if there is, it shouldn't be taken as a sign to continue the voiding of women's right to define themselves without having a direct or indirect reference to men).She taught lycees at Marseille and Rouen from 1931…More about Simone de Beauvoir Simone de Beauvoir was born in Paris in 1908.In 1929 she became the youngest person ever to obtain the agregation in philosophy at the Sorbonne, placing second to Jean-Paul Sartre. A significant step forward and a remarkable achievement.She taught lycees at Marseille and Rouen from 1931… still lively, still apropos.” –Slate“This is the edition Beauvoir herself would have wanted, one so true to the original that we can hear her voice in the text. So if you’re one of those people who always meant to read The Second Sex—why not now?

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