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Firefighters wrapped them in blankets and called paramedics who treated the pair at the scene.

With peak temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius in much of Italy, a total of 26 major towns and cities were on the health ministry's maximum heat alert.

He added: 'Got AC at 29 and it feels cold in comparison to the balcony.' Warning: Cities across Italy, like the capital Rome, pictured here on Thursday, have been subjected to the highest possible level of heat alert with tourists and residents alike warned to take action to protect themselves against the sun and carry water bottles While temperatures are expected to stay high to the weekend, many of the worst affected areas can expect a drop in the next fortnight.

Florence, Italy will remain hot, but is predicted to be around 90-93F from Wendesday and onwards.

In Italy's central region of Abruzzo, the fires has claimed the life of at least one person and forced the closure of a major highway.

A 79-year-old woman was found dead in a field next to her home in Sant'Omero, Abruzzo, having apparently been overcome by flames that engulfed two hectares of surrounding farmland.

User @_ggina_ wrote 'picked Corsica cus I wanted a bit of sun but didn't realise that meant a 43 degree heatwave called lucifer, call me g the crisp in a week :)'Another Twitter user, @Evita Grazia, seemingly based in Austria, posted a picture of a paddling pool, captioned: 'It's soooooo hot, even the water in the pool was far too warm.

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The church that formed from this group has grown to become one of the largest churches in the United States.

Today, Seville in Spain and some areas of the Italian island of Sardinia can expect temperatures around 109F, while Novska in Croatia is predicted an afternoon high of 104F.

The Italian city of Florence saw temperatures were exceeding 104F, however 'perceived temperature' - determined by temperature, humidity and wind and has been reported at more than 122F.

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High humidity in the north and hot winds from Africa in the south are making the perceived temperatures seem even hotter on beaches across the Mediterranean.

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