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And then there are those who simply do not enjoy even the smallest dose.

And for Oliver, there are clear benefits for drinking nothing at all.

Before starting at Leicester, he exchanged messages with other freshers.

When they found out he was a non-drinker, most thought this "boring" and wondered how he would make the most of the freshers' experience.

A non-drinker after observing the mental and physical effects of alcohol on people close to him, David says he now finds it more difficult to make friends.

"It is also very difficult to find a girlfriend as most of my friends find girls on nights out, whereas I do not.

"People think that if you don't drink you will just end up standing in the corner of a club by yourself. You can have just as much fun and you get a lot of respect from people.It's the atmosphere that makes a night out, not the booze." Moderation problem And the teetotallers should take heart from the knowledge that they are not alone.A study last year at Lancaster University noted that there was evidence the number of teetotallers aged 16-24 was rising.Plus people see it as a bit weird that I don't drink, which appears to put them off." Comprehension struggle "Lots of people think drinking is essential to get in the mood," says Oliver, an 18-year-old geography student."Everyone finds it harder to get on the dance floor without having a few drinks inside them and talking to strangers is certainly more difficult." And then there is explaining why he doesn't drink - because it is frequently remarked upon.

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