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We contend that the best answer to such resurgent doubt is to demonstrate the pragmatic potential of this scholarship.Notwithstanding the breadth of its epistemological challenges, law and emotions scholarship can contribute to the familiar normative work of the law—revising and strengthening existing doctrine, improving decisionmaking, and informing new legal policies.Ideally, an inside look at brain function would simultaneously and continuously measure the biochemical state of every cell in the central nervous system.While such a miraculous method is science fiction, a century of progress in neuroimaging technologies has made such simultaneous and continuous measurement a plausible fiction.To explain this conclusion, this Article consists of four sections: (1) a discussion of the phenomena of deception and the difficulties attendant to detecting deception; (2) an accessible primer on MRI, f MRI, and BOLD f MRI technology; (3) a review and analysis of the existent research studies of f MRI detection of deception; and (4) an analysis of why, given the research to date, f MRI detection of deception should not be admitted as substantive evidence in a court of law.Neuroethics and neurolaw are fields of study that involve the interface of neuroscience with clinical and legal decision-making.The spread of neuroimaging technologies around the world has led to diverse practices of forensic psychiatry and the emergence of neuroethics and neurolaw.

While f MRI detection of deception shows promise, and while excellent fundamental research is being conducted, f MRI is not yet ready for deployment in the courtroom.

The past two decades have seen increasing attention being paid to both fields, in large part because of the advances in neuroimaging techniques and improved ability to visualize and measure brain structure and function.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), along with its acute and chronic sequelae, has emerged as a focus of neuroethical issues, such as informed consent for treatment and research, diagnostic and prognostic uncertainties, and the subjectivity of interpretation of data.

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