Older man and younger woman dating

“Younger women often seek the companionship of older men for many reasons.

It’s not just about the common denominator of what people think.

We at malenirvana have spent some time researching this question of morality with 40yrs something males and 20 yrs – 24yrs something females the younger women older men scenario.

Yes, the sex is great, and the six-pack abs are nice, but what I also get out of my approach to dating is meeting men I admire and respect.

Doesn’t make much sense having children in your mid to late 50’s.

But then that depends on the man and the woman involved.

We know there are a lot of single men in their forties, fifties, and sixties plus that will declare younger women are they only way to go.

Women feel more safe and secure around an older man. The one main problem is younger women want children.

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Young males are also threatened by the younger women and older men presence too.

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