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The plethora of songs and music that underscore the film’s action, from the melancholy of Bach’s Partita in D minor for solo violin to Paloma San Basilio’s ‘Libre’, position Gloria’s adventures within a litany of tales of emotional survival in the aftermath of romantic heartbreak.Gloria is surrounded by a number of less than perfect relationships. ” thunders one of her neighbours to the other, ominously.Divorced for over a decade, she lives in a small apartment where she suffers upstairs neighbours – it is never clear if it is a single disturbed neighbour or a warring couple – arguing noisily late into the night.She leaves buoyant messages for her grown-up daughter Ana (Fabiola Zamora) and son Pedro (Diego Fontecilla), reminding them to call her – the implication being that she hears from them less than she would like.García exudes the humanity of Carmen Maura’s genial Pepa in Almodóvar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988), with the sexual energy of Diane Keaton’s Theresa Dunn in Richard Brooks’s Looking for Mr Goodbar (1977).Her positive outlook and willingness to try anything – including bungee jumping and marijuana – generate Rodolfo’s pick-up line: “Are you always this happy?At the end of the film, Gloria embarks on a spring clean, hoovering her car (and by association her life) of unnecessary clutter.She returns Rodolfo’s paintballing guns with a flourish: dressed in black dress, heels and a red sequined bolero jacket, she fires green paint across both Rodolfo and his house while his overweight daughters rush like giant toddlers to his aid – a playful reference to Women on the Verge.

You are my king” – point to the traditional relationship model she’s searching for.She is present in every frame and Lelio shapes the film to ensure that the viewer is given the sense of entering her world, sharing the front seat of her car as she drives to work and the intimacy of her lovemaking scenes with Rodolfo.Her large round glasses frame slanting, expressive eyes and heavy lids noticeably dressed up with eye shadow; her flicked-back hair has something of a 1970s feel.The film’s strength is that it operates both as a compelling character study of an alluring, humane protagonist whose fragility and resourcefulness sit side by side, and as a wider contemplation of the state of the nation, without the latter dimension ever appearing forced or imposed.There are scenes of protests on the TV as Gloria chats on the telephone at home, testifying to the wider turmoil besetting Santiago; she is framed by crowds of protesters carrying placards as she leaves a city café; and at a dinner party she bemoans the cost of medical treatment while her friend describes Chile as a ghost nation.

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