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monastery details Dragalevtsi Monastery was mentioned for the first time in the Vitosha golden-printed deed of the famous Bulgarian king Ivan Shishman (1371-1393).It revealed that the monastery had been established during the reign of Ivan Alexander (1331-1371), which means the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.Due to its origin, the monastery combines three cultures Byzantine, Georgian and Bulgarian.There are three churches in the monastery, the oldest one of which dated back to the 12th-13th century.In the 14th century Ivanovo Rock Monastery was a centre of Hesychasm.

Nevertheless, the local people of Etropole declared the place holy and laid the foundations of the present-day monastery. Trinity monastery was one of the biggest literacy centres at Bulgarian lands in XVI and XVII century as the popular Etropole calligraphic and art school was established there. George the Victorious was established in the middle of 13th century by the Ukrainian prince Glozh who settled in the area of the present village Glozhene with the permission of the Bulgarian king Ivan Assen II.

monastery details Arapovski Monastery was established in the middle of 19th century near an antique spring.

The construction was done in 1856 and 3 years later the main church "St. The most unique bulding in Arapovski Monastery is the church tower. monastery details Cherepish Monastery was established during the reign of tsar Ivan Shishman.

The oldest building in the monastery is Hrelyo Tower from 14th century.

monastery details The monastery was established in 1083 by the Great Domestik of Western Byzantine Garrisons, the Georgian, Grigorii Bakuriani.

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