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The cheaper grades of the thin pongee are not particularly practical for frocks of any type. When they came to the language ,of the Declaration — and here he was speaking for himself and as a convinced Protestant^ — he did not think any of the epithets used about it by the lion, member for Clare were in the slightest degree in excess of the truth. (Nationalist cheers.) Branding Loyal Subjects This survival of an obsolete state of things was retained only for the purpose of l)randiii,g b}- the iiiouth of the Sovereign some of the nio,m sacred beliefs of some of the most loyal of his subjects. and he- cause experience had shown the eno^moiis dif- ficulty of prtjviding any alternalixe declara- tion wdiich woufd be satisfactory to all the re- ligious interests and susceptibilities involved.Among the rough surface pongees this sea- son tliere are some new things on corded order and these are being much used. (Na- tionalist cheers.) I.,et them take the case of our own gracious So\-creign. A committee of the House of Lords on this subject recommended an alternative form of declaration, but when that was scrutinized sul)se(pientl\- it was fovmd to be, on the one hand.iside'fc)r the catjicra being' t\'«;fnk covered with sh(;rt grass as far as the wall- and .w-hcii you can droj) yotu- duck on to this batik-it is easy to pick them up ; but if they carry on over one's head they drop into thick covert, and then tho fun begins, and one's dif- fieuitrcs are increased a hundredfold by the failing light.Tlic sun has .£jnne ■" down flooding the N an-gt-(^e,-'whieli is two nn'les 5iwa\- straiglit ahead oi us. A small ,i,'aggle of geese, about twenty, puss over the gun on the extreme left, but too far for him to do any harm -to them, and - they quuck" and chuckle derisively as they' wheel to the left and then mount up- into the sky.

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Now we get a few minutes' respite, and can pick up our duck and get back before the second and largest'flight commences. ,-uh1 ;i cmiple of teal q;o past in a flash, making the aii' whistle as their shai-p little wings ci U ihi-oui|li il. It Ih I iinw in-ei-;isar.\ to jiid\'ld(- Iw.i .shli- i.-iirtaiiis nf about tlii' same a.s till' nrdiiiai-.v window over a -iiili't (lia.r. I In Ih.- lap rail nr , ",u-ariii.s|i rail" nf lln- . Thia hut- inniiu; .'.-111 I).- sn .-fi'.a-l.-il that iv-ln-ii ' 11.^ 1 i-liaiiff.'ur ilisiiiniints anil n|icns Ih.-- j .

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