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That means also that we can't live without relationships, without care, without support, without attention, without understanding.

Love of another person is like the recognition of the value of our existence. We are all social beings; we can't live without love of other people.

What can I / would like to change in relations to my surrounding and how would I do that?

As for the help of dating sites, marriage agencies, matchmakers, etc., this assistance can be relevant only in the case of realism of your search criteria and a good understanding of you.

Therefore, I consider any sites and portals of online dating could be used as additional help to find a partner, but a key of your success in dating is in your hands. What are the key criteria for success in online dating?

In my experience of matchmaking and dating coaching as psychologist, I made some conclusions about successful search criteria and failures in search. It means that problem is in the lack of understanding of themselves, own desires, needs, potential and their harmonious correlation.

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