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The chairman, Gabe Fleck, recently promoted to manager of gas plant operations at Associated Electric Cooperative Inc, has been at the front of the room for a decade, supported by Vice Chair Barry Mayhew, maintenance manager at Cardinal Power, and Director Lonnie Grote, compliance coordinator for NAES Corp.Fleck’s low-key demeanor and unflinching dedication to the group is critical to the organization’s success.OP goodluck with the OCing this topic turned into a fight : P relax guys some people prefer software some poeple BIOS... my issue that no matter how voltage i apply on vcore it rises up a bit..for example i have set it to 1.295 and on idle its 1.296 and under full load it goes up to 1.328 Yeah, sorry...shouldn't hijack the thread How are you stress testing?The only excessive voltage I've seen with 5WO is CPU voltage, but it's not by much, and not really a big deal. how do you know if, in the long term, the Asus auto rules voltage will be stable, and your manually tweaked voltage won't be. Neither is this true...the lift and you'll die of a heart attack bald and unloved at 50..the stairs and you'll be fit and dating a 22 year old cheerleader when you're 50...happens every time Well no, "a lot of people" is ill defined in that statement. To expect any software to be perfect, and for there not to be individuals on forums with issues asking for help, is beyond unrealistic and demonstrates a lack of understanding of the nature of software.

That time always seemed to stand still at D5-D5A meetings was not surprising because of the continuity of attendees and discussion threads.

Do you think Asus engineers add extra voltage just for fun?

They have highly talented, highly qualified individuals working for them. then consider how many individuals in total, use Ai Suite. If you were to calculate a percentage of people that have significant issues with Ai Suite, you can bet the percentage would be small.

Might be LLC setting..LLC setting adds voltage not only counters vdroop 1.328v @ 4.5GHz 6600k i set the volts on BIOS to 1.31v 15minutes of realbench no issues 1.328v @ 4.5Ghz 6600k i set the volts on BIOS to 1.30v and got BSOD, the cpu though was running in same volts ...why?

check screenshot here Ujl Gut Hmmm, I understand you changed BIOS voltage right..reported voltage anywhere you see it after that is subject to slight vagaries...if you are looking at CPUz vid voltage, vid is the voltage the CPU is asking for...in this case maybe not receiving? I'm just saying that reported voltage falls in a margin of error not an exact science don't do addition and subtraction in hundreths of volts If you can't tell that was ironic/sarcastic/joke....

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He works diligently at technical program development, and with sponsors to provide users new experiences in terms of meeting locations and social events.

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