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A total of 17 men and one woman have been convicted of offences including rape, sexual abuse, supplying drugs and trafficking for sexual exploitation in a series of trials.Police said the convicts were mainly “not white” but came from a diverse range of backgrounds including Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian and Eastern European.Left to right, row by row: Abdul Sabe, Habibur Rahim, Badrul Hussain, Abdul Hamid, Jahanger Zaman, Monjur Choudhury, Taherul Alam, Mohammed Ali, Nadeem Aslam, Mohammed Azram, Yassar Hussain, Saiful Islam, Eisa Mousavi, Prabhat Nelli, Mohibur Rahman, Nashir Uddin, Redwan Siddquee, Carolann Gallon A grooming gang that preyed on vulnerable girls and young women in Newcastle did not target their victims by race or religion, a judge has ruled.The former director of public prosecutions, Lord Mc Donald, claimed the abuse of white women by predominantly Asian men was a “profoundly racist” crime after the scandal was revealed last month.I guess the picture was that amazing but now, to clarify, again, my perfect partner is my new phone,” she said in a video uploaded on her official Twitter handle.Well, celebrities often resort to such measures to promote a product, which keeps followers tuned to what is to be revealed next.(IPL MEDIA RIGHTS AUCTION LIVE)It all started with the 23-year-old Bollywood star posting a picture of a bicycle on her official twitter handle with a caption stating: “The perfect trip with the most amazing partner. ” While her fans complimented on how beautiful the picture was, Hardik Pandya quoted her tweet and stated: “Can I guess? Great click by the way.”Naturally, it took Twitteratis by storm and got further fuelled by Parineeti Chopra’s reply to Hardik Pandya’s tweet where she stated: “Hahaha. ” That was perhaps the tipping point for their fans who were completely convinced that the duo were seeing each other.

The abuse dates back several years and was only revealed by an investigation codenamed Operation Shelter that started in 2014 after two victims separately came forward to police.

The 35-year-old, from Croydon Road in Newcastle, picked up girls from a courtyard in the city's West End known as “The Box”.

One victim said he took her to a party where she saw another girl, who did not make a complaint to the police, being treated like a slave.

Because nobody else batted an eyelid, neither did I Yesterday, a fifth woman came forward to accuse “Judge” Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for US Senate from Alabama, of sexual assault when she was a teenager.

This follows a disastrous interview with right-wing gadfly Sean Hannity where Moore said he “generally” didn’t date teen girls but if he did, it was always with their mothers’ permission.

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Mr Elvidge added that targets were selected because of their vulnerability, with the groomers believing their circumstances and other factors like drug dependence made them less likely to go to police.

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