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Vast open spaces, ink-blue skies by day and star-filled jet-black canopies at night create the perfect conditions for the two major astronomical observatories that occupy the arid and lonely landscape.

More than 600 of them dot this exquisite Polynesian island landscape.Our sumptuous Altiplanico hotel in the Atacama Desert is built in a unique design inspired in the style of an altiplano village, and exemplifies the concept of visual silence in this surreal environment.Next stop, our flight from Santiago in Chile takes us over 2,100 miles of the deep blue Pacific Ocean to a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Polynesia, and a small, 64-square-mile speck in the vast ocean – Easter Island!Annexed to Chile in 1888, Easter Island is known as the world’s largest open air museum, one of the most mystifying places in the world, and the most remote inhabited island on Earth.Easter Island’s history remains as unclear as it is evocative and the people of “Rapa Nui” (Easter Island in Polynesian) developed their own distinctive culture, best known by the “Moai,” the colossal stone statues that stand as silent bystanders of the past, guarding their isolated South Pacific outpost.

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